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Not satisfied with the flow of water from your artesian well? It is likely that your installation or the fractures in the aquifer are obstructed by sediment. To remedy this problem, Camille Bélanger Inc., your professionals for hydrofracturing in Roxton Falls, intervenes as soon as possible to improve your access to drinking water.


Using specific equipment, our well-diggers inject water under high pressure into your well, previously plugged with a stopper, to clear the various supply lines in the subsoil. This operation allows us to clean underground pipes and veins, or even create new ones, without using harmful products that could contaminate the water. Compared to other techniques, hydraulic fracturing sanitizes your artesian well without risk, while ensuring optimal results.



Hydrofracturing is a financially interesting operation for 2 reasons. During the initial drilling of your artesian well, this technique makes it possible to obtain a good yield of drinking water by limiting the need to dig very deep. If the well is already existing, the use of hydraulic fracturing can prevent having to create a new one.

Still hesitating? You should know that an artesian well is the most economical system for your water supply since it requires very little maintenance. Contact us today by phone or by email to obtain more information on our well contractor services and to request your free quote.



Save on heating costs with Camille Bélanger Inc.

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